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      RS 12:244     


§244.  Consolidation; articles of incorporation

A.  If the joint agreement is for a consolidation into a new corporation to be formed under this Chapter, articles for the new corporation shall be prepared in the manner and form prescribed in R.S. 12:203, except that:

(1)  The nonprofit, business and foreign corporations consolidating shall be named as the incorporators of the new corporation;

(2)  The articles shall be signed by the president or vice-president and secretary or assistant secretary of each of said corporations, and the articles shall be acknowledged by the officers so signing the articles;

(3)  The articles shall also state the manner of converting the shares or memberships of each of the consolidating nonprofit, business and foreign corporations into shares, memberships or obligations of the new corporation.

B.  The articles shall be filed and recorded, and a certificate of incorporation issued, as provided in R.S. 12:205.  

Acts 1968, No. 105, §1.  

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