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      RS 12:251     


§251.  Involuntary proceedings for dissolution; grounds; institution; appointment of liquidator

A.  The court may entertain a proceeding for involuntary dissolution under its supervision when it is made to appear that:

(1)  The corporate assets are insufficient to pay all just demands for which the corporation is liable, or to afford reasonable security to those who may deal with it; or

(2)  The objects of the corporation have wholly failed, or are entirely abandoned, or their accomplishment is impracticable; or

(3)  It is beneficial to the interests of the members that the corporation should be liquidated and dissolved; or

(4)  The directors are deadlocked in the management of the corporate affairs, and the members are unable to break the deadlock; or

(5)  The members are deadlocked in voting power, and have failed, for a period which includes at least two consecutive annual meeting dates, to elect successors to directors whose terms have expired or would have expired upon the election of their successors; or

(6)  The corporation has been guilty of gross and persistent ultra vires acts; or

(7)  Judgment has been entered annulling, vacating or forfeiting the corporation's articles and franchise in accordance with the provisions of R.S. 12:262; or

(8)(a)  A receiver has been appointed to take charge of the corporation's property, and either (b) there is no reasonable prospect of return of control of the corporation to its members within a reasonable time or (c) the corporation is operating at a loss and there is no reasonable prospect of restoring it to profitable operation within a reasonable time.  

B.  An involuntary proceeding for dissolution may be instituted against a corporation by either a member; or a creditor whose claim has been reduced to judgment, on which execution has been issued and returned "nulla bona"; or a receiver appointed to take charge of the corporation's property.  

C.  If a corporation having only two shareholders, each of which owns half of the outstanding shares of each class, is engaged in the prosecution of a joint venture between the shareholders, either shareholder may, unless the articles expressly prohibit dissolution pursuant to this subsection, file a petition stating that it desires to discontinue such joint venture and to dispose of the assets used therein in accordance with a plan to be agreed upon by both shareholders.  Such petition, to which shall be attached a copy of the proposed plan of discontinuance and distribution, shall be served on the corporation and on the other shareholder.  Unless both shareholders file with the court (1) within three months of the date of last service of such petition, a certificate that they have agreed on such plan, or a modification thereof, and (2) within one year from the date of last service of such petition, a certificate that the distribution provided by such plan has been completed, the court may proceed with involuntary dissolution of such corporation.  

D.  The commencement of a proceeding for dissolution out of court shall not affect the right of any person to institute an involuntary proceeding for dissolution.  

E.  The court may, after trial, appoint a judicial liquidator, and may, ex parte pending trial, appoint a temporary liquidator whose authority shall cease upon appointment of a judicial liquidator, upon dismissal of the petition, or upon appointment of a receiver.  

F.  Unless the corporation's articles and franchise have been annulled, vacated or forfeited, the court may, on motion of any interested party at any stage of the proceeding, appoint a receiver to take charge of the corporation's property pursuant to R.S. 12:258, if the corporation is affected with the public interest, or if there is a reasonable prospect that a receiver could return control of the corporation to its shareholders as a going concern within a reasonable time.  

Acts 1968, No. 105, §1.  Amended by Acts 1970, No. 50, §22, emerg. eff. June 18, 1970, at 5:05 P.M.  

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