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      RS 12:255     


§255. Claims against corporation in liquidation; peremption

           A. A corporation in liquidation may have the benefit of Subsections C, D and E of this Section by following the procedure set forth in Subsection B of this Section.

           B. After the proceeding for dissolution has taken effect, notice thereof shall be (1) given by registered or certified mail to all known creditors of, to all persons believed to have valid and subsisting claims (excluding prescribed and time-barred claims) against, and to all persons having unfulfilled contracts with, the corporation, and (2) published once a week for two successive weeks in a newspaper of general circulation in the parish in which the corporation's registered office is located. Such notice shall call on the addressees to present their claims in writing and in detail, at a specified place and by a specified date, not less than six months after the notice was mailed. The giving and publication of such notice shall not be deemed an acknowledgment of the validity of any claim against the corporation, waiver of any defense or set off to any such claim, interruption of prescription on, or tolling of any statute of limitation applicable to, such claim, or revival of any claim which has been barred by any prescription, peremption or statute of limitations.

           C. If any addressee of such notice shall not present his claim or claims as prescribed in the notice, such of his claims as would be enforceable against the corporation except for the provisions of this Subsection shall, unless suit has been entered thereon in a court of competent jurisdiction before the final date prescribed for presentment thereof, be perpetually and peremptorily barred, except to the extent, if any, that the court may allow them against any remaining undistributed assets of the corporation on a finding that the claimant had some valid excuse for his failure so to present his claim.

           D. All claims which would be enforceable by suit against the corporation except for the provisions of this Subsection, on which suit has not been filed in a court of competent jurisdiction before the expiration of three years after the proceeding for dissolution takes effect (or, if the notice prescribed in Subsection B of this Section was not given and publication thereof commenced within one month after the proceeding takes effect, before the expiration of three years after the giving or completion of publication of the notice, whichever is later), shall be barred perpetually and peremptorily.

           E. The time limits provided in Subsections C and D of this Section shall not be subject to suspension on any ground, or to interruption except by timely presentation of the claim as to Subsection C of this Section or timely suit as to Subsection E of this Section.  

           F. The provisions of Subsections C and D of this Section shall not preclude the enforcement at any time, without regard to whether a claim has been presented or a suit filed timely as prescribed in said Subsections, of any valid and subsisting lien securing any claim against, or indebtedness of, the corporation.

           Acts 1968, No. 105, §1.

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