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      RS 12:312     


§312. Withdrawal

            A. A foreign corporation authorized to transact business in this state may withdraw from this state upon procuring from the secretary of state a certificate of withdrawal. In order to procure such certificate, the corporation shall deliver to the Secretary of State an application for withdrawal, which shall set forth:

            (1) The name of the corporation and the state or country under the laws of which it is incorporated.

            (2) That the corporation is not transacting business in this state.

            (3) That the corporation surrenders its authority to transact business in this state.

            (4) That the corporation revokes the authority of its registered agent in this state to accept service of process, and consents that service of process in any action or proceeding based on any cause of action arising out of, resulting from or connected with any business transacted by it in this state during the time the corporation was authorized to transact business in this state, be made on the corporation by service thereof on the secretary of state, or on a person in his office designated to receive service of process on corporations.

            (5) An address to which the secretary of state may mail a copy of any process which may be so served on the corporation.

            (6) Such additional information as may be prescribed by the secretary of state as necessary or appropriate to determination and assessment of any unpaid fees or taxes payable by the corporation as prescribed in this Chapter.

            B. The application for withdrawal shall be made on a form prescribed and furnished by the secretary of state, and shall be executed by the corporation by any officer before a notary public, or, if the corporation is in the hands of a receiver or trustee, shall be executed on behalf of the corporation by such receiver or trustee and shall be acknowledged by him.

            C.(1) The application for withdrawal shall be delivered to the secretary of state. If the secretary of state finds that such application conforms to the provisions of this Chapter, he shall, when all fees, charges, taxes, unemployment compensation contributions, penalties, and interest have been paid as required by law and evidenced by certificates of the secretary of the Department of Revenue and the administrator of Louisiana Employment Security Law:

            (a) Issue a filed copy of the application endorsed with the month, day, and year of filing.

            (b) File the application in his office.

            (c) Issue a certificate of withdrawal.

            (2) The certificate of withdrawal, and the filed copy of the application for withdrawal, issued by the secretary of state, shall be returned to the corporation or its representative. Upon the issuance of such certificate of withdrawal, the authority of the corporation to transact business in this state shall cease.

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