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      RS 12:428     


§428.  Acquisition of servitudes

A cooperative shall acquire a servitude on an immovable, unless such immovable is owned by the federal or state government or any agency or subdivision thereof, for the operation and maintenance of its electric transmission and distribution lines, along, upon, under or across any such immovable by virtue of the uninterrupted maintenance of such lines without the written or other consent of the owner thereof, along, upon, under or across the immovable for a period of one year; provided such servitude and operation does not interfere with the use of said property by other public utilities; provided further that in all cases where the written consent of the owner for the establishment of a servitude has been obtained and a line has been constructed along, upon, under or across the property under said consent it is not necessary that the written consent be recorded in the conveyance or other records of the parish where the property is located in order to make the servitude effective as to third parties.  

Renumbered from R.S.1950, §12:328 by Acts 1968, No. 105, §3, eff. Jan. 1, 1969.  

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