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      RS 12:445     


§445.  Activities in which association may engage

An association may be organized to engage in any activity in connection with the marketing or selling of seafood products and skins and furs of its members, or with the catching, gathering, preserving, drying, processing, manufacturing, canning, packing, grading, storing, handling, shipping, or utilizing thereof, or the manufacturing or marketing of byproducts thereof; or in connection with the manufacturing, selling, or supply to its members of machinery, equipment, or supplies; or more than one of the activities specified herein; or in the financing of the above enumerated activities.

Renumbered from R.S.1950, §12:355 by Acts 1968, No. 105, §3, eff. Jan. 1, 1969; Acts 1999, No. 341, §1.

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