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      RS 12:450     


§450.  Bylaws

Each association incorporated under this Part, within thirty days after its incorporation, shall adopt for its government and management, a code of bylaws, not inconsistent with the powers granted by this Part.  A majority vote of the members, or their written consent, shall be necessary to adopt such bylaws.  Each association under its bylaws may also provide for:

(1)  The time, place and manner of calling and conducting its meetings.  

(2)  The number of stockholders or members to constitute a quorum.

(3)  The right of members to vote by proxy or by mail, or both, and the conditions, manner, form, and effect of such votes.  

(4)  The number of directors to constitute a quorum.  

(5)  The qualifications, and duties and term of office of directors and officers; the time of their election and the mode and manner of giving notice thereof.  

(6)  Penalties for violations of the bylaws.  

(7)  The amount of entrance, organization and membership fees, if any; the manner and method of collecting the same, and the purposes for which they may be used.  

(8)  The amount which each member shall be required to pay annually, or from time to time, if at all, to carry on the business of the association; the charge, if any, to be paid by each member for service rendered by the association to him; and the marketing contract between the association and its members, which every member or stockholder shall be required to sign.  

(9)  The qualifications of members of the association and the conditions precedent to membership or ownership of common stock; the method, time and manner of permitting members to withdraw, or the holders of common stock, to transfer their stock; the manner of assignment and transfer of the interest of members, and of the shares of common stock; the conditions upon which, and the time when, membership of any member shall cease; the automatic suspension of the rights of a member when he ceases to be eligible to membership in the association; and the mode, manner and effect of the expulsion of a member; the manner of determining the value of a member's interest and provision for its purchase by the association upon the death or withdrawal of a member or stockholder or upon the expulsion of a member or the forfeiture of his membership, or, at the option of the association, by conclusive appraisal by the board of directors.  In case of the withdrawal or expulsion of a member, the board of directors shall appraise equitably and conclusively his property interest in the association and shall fix the amount thereof in money, which shall be paid to him at such time as may be fixed by the board of directors, but not beyond the termination of the current marketing agreement.  

Renumbered from R.S.1950, §12:360 by Acts 1968, No. 105, §3, eff. Jan. 1, 1969.  

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