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      RS 17:1176     


§1176.  Grounds for rejection of application

A.  Any applicant who, at the expiration of the semester in which he applies, is ineligible for the sabbatical leave requested or who has not complied with the provisions of R.S. 17:1172 through 1174, shall have his or her application rejected, but all other applicants may have their applications granted, provided that all leaves requested in such applications could be taken without violating the following provision:  At no time during the school year shall the number of persons on sabbatical leave exceed five percent of the total number of teachers employed in a given school system.

B.  Notwithstanding any other provision of law to the contrary, all decisions relative to the granting of leave pursuant to this Section shall be made by the superintendent of the local public school system.

Acts 1999, No. 1342, §1; Acts 2011, No. 405, §2, eff. July 1, 2011; Acts 2012, No. 788, §3, eff. June 13, 2012.

NOTE:  See Acts 1999, No. 1342, §2 relative to sabbaticals already granted and §3 relative to increases in teacher compensation.

NOTE:  See also Acts 2001, No. 338, §2 relative to increases in teacher compensation (amends Acts 1999, No. 1342, §3).

NOTE:  See also Acts 2004, No. 778, §2, relative to increases in teacher compensation and §3 relative to a required report by BESE (amends Acts 1999, No. 1342, §3, as amended by Acts 2001, No. 338, §2).

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