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      RS 17:12     


§12.  Census of educables; use of federal census

A.  Under the supervision, direction, and control of the board, an enumeration of all educable children in each parish may be made between April 1, 1976 and July 1, 1976 and every four years thereafter.  The board shall plan the procedure; prepare and distribute to the parish school boards uniform record and report blanks; require an affidavit as to correctness and reliability from each enumerator selected by each parish board and also the parish superintendent of education; review the returns, check, verify, and correct the same in such manner it deems conducive to accuracy; determine and certify the same; fix the upper limit of cost upon a per capita basis; and, in the event of a marked divergence from the preceding school census or from any other valid or reliable evidence or source, require a recount to be made wholly at the expense of the parish school board affected.  

B.  The board may take a school census or use the current federal census.  

Acts 1975, No. 274, §1.  

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