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      RS 17:1224     


§1224.  Alternative means of providing for benefits

A.  In addition to and as an alternative to the authority granted by this Part or by any other provisions of law to provide for employee benefits, including but not limited to group insurance, benefits, or services for medical, dental, hospital, and nursing care and other compensation on account of sickness, disability, or death, or any other related benefits, parish or city school boards in parishes or cities having a population of over one hundred thirty-five thousand may establish a trust for these purposes and for the additional purpose of providing professional development programs and benefits for its employees, and may pay, out of monies appropriated and budgeted therefor, part or all of the costs, charges, or contributions necessary for the establishment and administration thereof, as may be determined by the provisions of the trust.

B.  With the establishment of the trust, the parish or city school board in parishes or cities having a population over one hundred thirty-five thousand shall be considered a person and/or employer in creating the trust for the benefit of employees.

C.  The trust shall provide for the actuarial soundness thereof and may provide for the method of determining the eligibility of participants, the schedule of benefits, procedures for making and paying claims, the use of group insurance policies, the source or sources of funding, the administration of the trust, and related matters.

D.  For the purpose of this Section the terms "person" and "employer" shall be defined as provided in R.S. 9:1921 and 1922.

E.  Any trust established pursuant to this Section shall be subject to legislative oversight and the legislative auditor's review as provided in R.S. 24:513.

Acts 1991, No. 79, §1, eff. June 25, 1991; Acts 1992, No. 468, §1; Acts 2001, No. 685, §1.

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