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      RS 17:123     


§123.  Superintendent of schools as treasurer of board; bond

The superintendent of public schools of the Parish of Orleans shall be ex-officio the treasurer of the Orleans Parish School Board and shall receive all funds apportioned by the state to the city of New Orleans or received or collected for the support of the free public schools from any and all sources.  He shall give bond, with security in the sum of fifty thousand dollars in favor of the board and its successors in office, to be accepted and approved by the board and recorded in the mortgage office of the parish, which bond shall then be filed and kept on record in the office of the board.  The filing of the bond and the taking and filing the usual oath of office before any officer authorized to administer the same, shall qualify the treasurer to act.  The board shall designate the officers or persons who shall sign checks or warrants drawn against the school funds.  All persons so authorized shall furnish a surety bond of not less than fifty thousand dollars, for the faithful performance of their duties.  

Acts 1960, 3rd Ex.Sess., No. 4, §1, emerg.  eff. Jan. 12, 1961.  Amended by Acts 1964, No. 212, §1.  

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