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      RS 17:1232     


§1232.  Statement of purpose

In furtherance of its constitutional mandate to provide for the education of the citizens of this state and to establish and maintain a public education system, the legislature enacts this Part in order to provide for the development and implementation of a uniform system for the use and maintenance of a school employee personnel file to be followed by all local school systems.  To accomplish this purpose, it is the intent of the legislature:

(1)  To provide for the establishment of procedures for immediate notification to school employees of the filing of any document into their personnel file.

(2)  To assure that each school employee has an opportunity to rebut and respond to any document placed into that school employee's personnel file.

(3)  To provide the time frame within which to file such a response and/or rebuttal.

(4)  To assure that any document from a school employee's personnel file forwarded to another location shall be accompanied by the school employee's response and rebuttal to the document.

Acts 1987, No. 174, §1.

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