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      RS 17:1236     


§1236.  Procedure for filing of rebuttal and response

A.  Any rebuttal and response to a document placed in a school employee's personnel file shall be filed by the school employee within fifteen school days from the date on which the school employee signs the document acknowledging its receipt.

B.  The school employee may be granted an additional ten school days for the filing of the rebuttal and response, provided the school employee requests such an extension in writing addressed to the personnel file custodian within the original fifteen-day period.  The personnel file custodian's consent to the ten-day extension of time shall not be unreasonably withheld.

C.  The rebuttal and response shall be deemed filed by the delivery of the original and one copy of the rebuttal and response to the personnel file custodian.  The personnel file custodian shall then sign and date the original rebuttal and response and file the same into the school employee's personnel file.  The personnel file custodian shall also sign and date a copy of the rebuttal and response and return the same to the school employee.

Acts 1987, No. 174, §1.

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