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      RS 17:1456     


§1456.  Officers and employees of the board

At its first regular meeting in the third quarter of each calendar year the board shall elect from its voting membership a chairman and a vice-chairman, who shall also be chairman-elect, and may elect such other officers as it may deem necessary.  Each officer shall serve for a term of one year or until his successor is duly elected, qualified and inducted into office.

The chairman shall preside over all meetings of the board, and shall appoint the members of all committees.  In the absence of the chairman, his duties shall be performed by the chairman-elect.

The secretary to the board, designated in accordance with the provisions of R.S. 17:3302, shall be responsible for keeping the minutes of the meetings of the board and its committees and shall be the custodian of the seal of the university and of all the records of the board.  The board shall appoint suitable persons, who are not members of the board, to act as its administrative secretary and its assistant administrative secretary.  The administrative secretary shall have custody, under the supervision and control of the secretary, of the seal and records of the board.  The administrative secretary shall cause to be filed, indexed and preserved the minutes, papers and documents pertaining to the business, affairs and proceedings of the board and of its committees.

Copies of all minutes, papers and other documents of the board or of its committees may be certified to be true and correct copies thereof by the chairman, the secretary, the administrative secretary or the assistant administrative secretary.

Amended by Acts 1976, No. 135, §1, eff. July 1, 1976.

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