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      RS 17:1671     




§1671.  Declaration of public need for scholarship assistance; establishment of scholarship program

The Legislature declares that although enrollments in institutions of higher education in this state and throughout the nation continue to increase at a rapid pace, and although the state now provides a limited scholarship program for students attending an institution of higher education in Louisiana, there continues to exist an underdevelopment of the state's human talent and resources because of the inability of many able but needy students to finance a higher educational program.

The legislature further declares that the state can achieve its full economic and social potential only if every individual has the opportunity to contribute to the full extent of his capabilities and only if the state assists in removing such financial barriers to his educational goals as may remain after the individual has utilized all resources and work opportunities available to him.

It is therefore the policy of the legislature and the purpose of this subpart to establish, within the limits of appropriations made therefor from time to time by the legislature, a broad scale state scholarship program designed to guarantee that the most able and needy students from all sectors of the state are given the opportunity to continue their program of self improvement in an approved institution of higher education of their choice located in this state.

Added by Acts 1974, No. 695, §1, eff. July 1, 1975.

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