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      RS 17:183.1     



§183.1.  Purpose

A.  The purpose of this Subpart is to create a career option in Louisiana's high schools which shall consist of a career major comprised of challenging academic courses and modern career and technical studies.

B.  In addition to any other diplomas issued by the State Board of Elementary and Secondary Education, the board shall develop and adopt course and curriculum requirements for career major programs offered by city, parish, and other local public school boards in accordance with the provisions of this Subpart and shall issue a career diploma to any student who successfully completes the requirements established for each approved career major program curriculum.

C.(1)  It is the intention of the legislature that graduation from a Louisiana public high school by a student with a career major shall in no way restrict the right of a student who is otherwise eligible to enter into a Louisiana public postsecondary education institution.

(2)  A career diploma earned through a career major program and issued by the State Board of Elementary and Secondary Education shall be considered a regular standard diploma and shall be recognized by all Louisiana public postsecondary education institutions.

D.  Except as provided in R.S. 17:183.3(B)(3), a career diploma issued to a student pursuant to this Subpart shall be given the same status and recognition for purposes of calculations made pursuant to the school and district accountability system required by R.S. 17:10.1, as is given a regular standard diploma issued by the State Board of Elementary and Secondary Education.  A school or school system shall not be penalized in any manner for students who are issued a career diploma.

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