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      RS 17:251     




§251.  Short title; legislative intent

A.  This Subpart may be cited as the "Education/Juvenile Justice Partnership Act".

B.  The legislature hereby finds and declares that:

(1)  The good behavior and discipline of students are essential prerequisites to academic learning, the development of student character, and the general, as well as educational, socialization of children and youth.

(2)  Bad behavior and lack of discipline in many schools of the state are impairing the quality of teaching, learning, character development, and socialization, and, in some schools, are creating real and potential threats to school and public safety.

(3)  Greater communication, coordination, and collaboration need to exist between and among state, city, parish, and other local public school systems and juvenile justice agencies to address effectively issues affecting the behavior and discipline of students, especially with respect to safe school planning, mental health service delivery, family strengthening, alternative schools, special education, school zero tolerance policies, school suspensions, and positive behavioral supports.

Acts 2003, No. 1225, §3.

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