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      RS 17:265     


§265.  The Founding Principles of the United States of America; required instruction

A.  The governing authority of each public school that offers courses in American history and civics as prerequisites to graduation shall integrate into such courses instruction regarding the Founding Principles of the United States of America.

B.  Such instruction shall include but need not be limited to providing students with information on the following:

(1)  The Creator-endowed unalienable rights of the people.

(2)  Structure of government and separation of powers with checks and balances.

(3)  Frequent and free elections in a representative government.

(4)  Rule of law.

(5)  Equal justice under the law.

(6)  Private property rights.

(7)  Federalism.

(8)  Due process.

(9)  Individual rights as set forth in the Bill of Rights.

(10)  Individual responsibility.

Acts 2012, No. 393, §1.

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