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      RS 17:275     


§275.  Curriculum; breast self-examination and cervical cancer tests

All public junior and senior high schools shall provide instruction to all female students in the proper procedure for breast self-examination and the need for an annual Pap test for cervical cancer.  Such instruction may be provided in the context of courses in the study of health, physical education, or such other appropriate curriculum or instruction period as may be determined by the respective local school boards.  This instruction may be taught by a school nurse, physician, or competent medical instructor.  The local school boards shall adopt rules and regulations necessary for the implementation of this program of instruction.  No student shall be required to take such instruction if his parent or tutor submits a written statement indicating that such instruction conflicts with the religious beliefs of the student.  

Added by Acts 1980, No. 789, §1, eff. Aug. 1, 1980.  

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