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      RS 17:345     


§345.  Rules and regulations

The Louisiana State Board of Elementary and Secondary Education shall adopt any and all rules and regulations necessary to implement and administer the provisions and intent of this Subpart.  Pursuant to this authority, the board is hereby authorized to implement and administer this Subpart by providing the following:

(1)  Formulas for the computation and distribution of funds so that a school system which converts to year-round operation receives the same amount of funds from each of the various sources as it would have received had it not so converted.  

(2)  Formulas for the computation and the providing of salaries and other benefits for all school personnel.  

(3)  For teacher contracts and tenure pursuant to the requirements of R.S. 17:441 through R.S. 17:471; and

(4)  For any other requirements as the board may deem necessary.  

Added by Acts 1975, No. 664, §1.  

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