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      RS 17:354     


§354. Parental access to instructional materials and the Parents' Bill of Rights for Public Schools; posting and distribution of laws and information

            A. Each public school governing authority and each public school shall post on its website information explaining the rights that parents have relative to accessing the instructional materials used in the education of their child and other rights pertaining to their child's education. The information shall be posted prominently in a location that is readily accessible from the main landing page of the website and shall include an easily understandable summary and the full text and legal citation of both of the following provisions:

            (1) R.S. 17:355, which provides relative to parental access to instructional materials.

            (2) R.S. 17:406.9, which provides for the Parents' Bill of Rights for Public Schools.

            B. The information also shall be distributed to parents during the first week of school annually via paperwork sent home or any electronic means through which communication is routinely delivered to parents.

            Acts 2022, No. 466, §1.

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