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      RS 17:363     


§363.  Maintenance of records

Each school which seeks reimbursement pursuant to this Part shall maintain a separate account or system of accounts for the expenses incurred in rendering the required services for which reimbursement is authorized by R.S. 17:361.  Such records and accounts shall contain such information and be maintained in accordance with regulations adopted by the board, but for expenditures made in the school year 1979-1980, the application for reimbursement made in 1980, pursuant to R.S. 17:361 shall be supported by such reports and documents as the superintendent shall require.  In promulgating such regulations concerning records and accounts and in requiring supportive documents with respect to expenditures incurred in the school year 1979-1980, the superintendent shall implement the audit procedures provided in R.S. 17:365.  The records and accounts supporting reimbursement for each school year shall be preserved at the school until the completion of such audit procedures.  

Added by Acts 1980, No. 205, §1, eff. July 11, 1980.  

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