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      RS 17:376     




§376.  Quality Science and Mathematics Program; establishment; participation; phase-in

A.(1)  There is hereby established the "Quality Science and Mathematics Program", referred to in this Part as "the program".  The program shall provide for the distribution of science and mathematics supplies and equipment to teachers in this state.

(2)  The supplies and equipment shall be allotted according to a priority established by the council and on a basis established by the council.  Such priority may include consideration of the willingness of city and parish school systems to provide a portion of the supplies or equipment.  No supplies and equipment may be placed in any school without the express written authorization of the school principal or his authorized agent.  All supplies and equipment placed with a teacher shall become property of the school.

B.  No monies allocated by the council to teachers or school systems shall be spent on consumables, field trips, or teacher training.

Acts 1992, No. 1093, §1.

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