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      RS 17:391.7     


§391.7.  Testing

A.  Each school board shall report to the superintendent of education, pursuant to rules and regulations established by and pursuant to this Part, the results of all achievement and scholastic aptitude tests administered pursuant to this Part or any other standardized tests administered pursuant to this Part.

B.  The districtwide results of such tests, but not the score or relative position of individual pupils, shall be reported by the school board at least once a year at a regularly scheduled meeting.  

C.  At the request of the superintendent of education, and in accordance with rules and regulations which the superintendent of education may adopt, each parish superintendent of schools shall cooperate with and give assistance to individual local schools under his jurisdiction in carrying out the testing programs of such districts and other duties imposed on school boards and school districts by this Part.  

D.  No city or parish superintendent of schools, nor any principal or teacher of any elementary or secondary school under his charge shall carry on any program of specific preparation of the pupils within the district for the testing program using the particular test used therein.  The tests shall reflect the objectives and goals adopted for each subject and/or grade level as established pursuant to R.S. 17:391.4.  

E.  Repealed by Acts 1979, No. 750, §4, eff. July 20, 1979.  

F.  Prior to administration, descriptions of tests and other evaluation instruments, either prescribed by or developed pursuant to this Part, shall be submitted to all school personnel and the parents of all pupils subject to such tests.  

G.  No provision of this Part shall be construed to mean, require, or direct any city or parish school system to develop any tests or test programs under this Part or the guidelines established pursuant to this Part.  The Department of Education shall develop and provide for the administration of all tests and test programs pursuant to this Part, and the guidelines established pursuant thereto; provided, however, that the superintendent of education may require city and parish school systems to administer tests and test programs under this Part and said guidelines if funds are made available specifically for this purpose.  No provision of this Part shall be construed in any manner so as to prohibit any city or parish school system from developing and administering any tests or test programs for local use.  

Acts 1977, No. 621, §1.  Amended by Acts 1978, No. 346, §1.  

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