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      RS 17:406.3     


§406.3.  Parental advocacy

The State Board of Elementary and Secondary Education shall develop and issue necessary and appropriate rules and regulations to implement the provisions of this Part.  Such rules and regulations shall include but need not be limited to a requirement that the state Department of Education, each city and parish school board, and each public elementary and secondary school identify a person or persons who shall serve as a parental advocate for the respective school, school board, or state agency.  It shall be the function of each such parental advocate to develop and encourage positive means for increasing parental and family involvement and participation in the process of learning by children and in the life of the schools, to listen to and seek to resolve complaints made by parents and families against the respective school, school board, or state agency, and to assist the administrators and other employees of the respective school, school board, and state agency to improve communication and coordination with parents and families.  

Acts 1991, No. 448, §1.  

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