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      RS 17:407     




§407. Legislative intent

            A. The legislature finds and declares as follows:

            (1) Developmentally appropriate early childhood programs have produced sizeable gains in the skill levels of educationally disadvantaged and at-risk children.

            (2) Early childhood education programs facilitate the development of children who are economically disadvantaged and increase the chances that they will be more successful students and ultimately more productive citizens.

            (3) Funding successful and innovative programs is required to increase the learning opportunities of children who are economically disadvantaged and provide for their optimal development.

            (4) Many preschool children live in families in which both parents or the primary caregiver are employed such that these children require full day care in a developmentally appropriate environment.

            B. Therefore, it is the intention of the legislature that every preschool child in Louisiana who is economically disadvantaged should have access to an educationally appropriate early childhood program which shall include but not be limited to parental involvement, center-based programs, and before and after care.

            Acts 1992, No. 970, §1, eff. July 9, 1992; Acts 2018, No. 307, §1.

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