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      RS 17:407.4     


§407.4.  Louisiana HIPPY Coordinator; appointment; duties and responsibilities

A.  There shall be appointed a Louisiana HIPPY coordinator who shall, for an initial period of three years, serve in the office of the governor.

B.  No person shall serve as the HIPPY coordinator unless he or she has taken or has agreed to take, upon assuming the office of HIPPY coordinator, the course or courses which are part of the HIPPY Coordinator's Training Program offered by HIPPY, USA.

C.  The HIPPY coordinator shall, in addition to working with the department, promote program expansion, encourage local development of HIPPY programs, and provide consultation and guidance to localities interested in developing and implementing HIPPY programs.

D.  The department and the HIPPY coordinator shall set standards for funding qualified HIPPY programs.

E.  Upon the expiration of the initial three years, the governor and the department shall consult and shall determine the placement of the office of the HIPPY coordinator best suited for the performance of the coordinator's responsibilities.

F.  All rules and regulations relating to standards for qualified early childhood programs pursuant to the provisions of this Part shall be promulgated in accordance with the Louisiana Administrative Procedure Act.

Acts 1992, No. 970, §1, eff. July 9, 1992; Acts 2009, No. 438, §4(A).

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