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      RS 17:41     



§41.  Attorney general and superintendent; opinions and advice

A.  Upon the request of the superintendent, the board, or any parish or city superintendent if authorized by the parish or city school board and its legal adviser, the attorney general shall give his opinion in regard to any controversy or dispute affecting any of these officers or boards, relating to the rights or duties of any of them, or affecting the schools under the charge of any of them.  

B.  The superintendent, whenever requested, shall give advice, explanations, instructions, or information to members of school boards, to superintendents, and to citizens relative to the public school law; the duties of the public school officers; the rights and duties of parents, guardians, pupils, and all officers; the management of the schools, and any other question calculated to promote the cause of education.  

Acts 1975, No. 274, §1.  

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