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      RS 17:424     


§424.  Credit for years of service to teachers transferring

A.  Any teacher in the public school system of Louisiana who transferred from one to another parish or city school system of this state after July 1, 1956, shall be given full credit for the years of satisfactory teaching service previously rendered in the public school system of the state.

B.  The parish or city school board by which any such teacher is presently employed shall determine the years of service rendered by any such teacher prior to the date of transfer and such prior service shall be taken into consideration in computing the salary to be paid such teacher under the provisions of this Section; provided that this Section shall apply to any transferred teacher who taught the two school years immediately preceding the date of transfer, or who has taught at least two years immediately following the date of such transfer.  

C.  Salaries of transferred teachers shall be determined in compliance with the provisions of this Section, commencing with the school year 1958-59.  

Added by Acts 1956, No. 287, §1.  Amended by Acts 1958, No. 70, §§1 to 3.  

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