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      RS 17:43     




§43. Special Schools defined; benefits for certificated teachers; legislative policy

            A. It is declared to be legislative policy that the Louisiana Special Schools, which include the Louisiana Schools for the Deaf and Visually Impaired and the Special Schools comprising Special School Programs, operated and maintained as a part of the public educational system by the Special School District, shall provide all benefits, privileges, rights, and powers as provided for certificated teachers in the public elementary and secondary schools in the interest of statewide uniformity of administration of teacher welfare benefits, including but not limited to the benefits enumerated in this Part.

            B.(1) As used in this Part, "Special Schools" includes all Louisiana special schools and all schools or educational programs in Special School Programs operated by the Special School District.

            (2) Teachers at the Louisiana Schools for the Deaf and Visually Impaired may attain tenure in the educational program, either the educational program for the deaf and hard of hearing or the educational program for the visually impaired, for which they are certified. Teachers in Special School Programs may attain tenure in Special School Programs.

            Added by Acts 1979, No. 260, §1; Acts 2012, No. 441, §1; Acts 2017, No. 146, §3; Acts 2019, No. 411, §1, eff. June 20, 2019; Acts 2021, No. 468, §1, eff. July 1, 2021.

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