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      RS 17:63     


§63.  Iberville Parish School Board; number of members; districts

A.  The Iberville Parish School Board shall consist of nine members.  Eight members shall be elected from single-member districts and one member shall be elected at-large.  The single-member districts shall be designated as School Board District A, School Board District B, School Board District C, School Board District D, School Board District E, School Board District F, School Board District G, and School Board District H.  The district for the member elected at-large shall be designated as School Board District I.

B.(1)  No later than the deadline contained in R.S. 17:71.5, the Iberville Parish School Board shall develop a plan to provide for the eight single-member districts.  Each single-member district shall contain as equal population as possible utilizing population figures from the latest federal decennial census.  The at-large district shall contain the entirety of the Iberville Parish school district.

(2)  Prior to the final adoption of the plan required by this Subsection, the Iberville Parish School Board shall have a public hearing on the proposed plan.  The Iberville Parish School Board shall cause the following to be published in the official journal for the parish at least twenty days prior to the hearing:

(a)  The date, time, and place of the hearing.

(b)  A general summary and map of the proposed plan.

(c)  The times and places where copies of the proposed plan are available for public inspection.

C.  The provisions of this Section shall apply to redistricting of the Iberville Parish School Board following the 2010 federal decennial census for the regular elections for the school board in 2014 and thereafter.

Acts 2010, No. 650, §1, eff. June 29, 2010.

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