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      RS 17:84     


§84.  Deputy parish superintendents, assistant superintendents, supervisors, and other employees; boards' authority to appoint

The parish school boards may appoint such assistant superintendents, supervisors, stenographers, bookkeepers as may be needed, and such attendance officers, medical directors, and other appointees as may be necessary for the proper and efficient conduct of the schools; they may also fix their salaries and prescribe their duties.  

Any parish or school board with a population of two hundred thousand or more may appoint a deputy parish superintendent of schools for such a period, and having such qualifications as may be fixed by the school board.  The school board may also fix the salary and prescribe the duties to be performed by the deputy parish superintendent.  The deputy parish superintendent of schools shall not be required to be a qualified elector or a resident of the parish which he is to serve as deputy.  

The deputy parish superintendent shall serve at the pleasure of the school board, and shall be removable by a majority vote of the membership of the parish school board at any regular meeting or at any special meeting after due notice.  

Amended by Acts 1968, No. 624, §1.  

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