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      RS 17:87.2     


§87.2.  Application for right-of-way over school lands; notice; advertisement; objections; terms and conditions of grant

No application for a right-of-way shall be considered unless certificate of publication of due notice is on file in the office of the school board, showing advertisement of the pending application by publication two times within ten days in the official journal of the parish wherein the sixteenth section or part thereof is situated, said notice being required for the purpose of permitting any citizen or citizens residing within the sixteenth section or part thereof to file opposition to the granting of such right-of-way.  Provided any objection or objections are submitted as aforesaid, the school board shall give due consideration thereto in determining whether or not such application shall be granted. No right-of-way authorized by R.S. 17:87.1 shall be granted unless adequate consideration for the grant is paid to the school board.  A provision shall also be incorporated in the grant that the general public may have full ingress and egress over, across and through said right-of-way.  The school board may impose other conditions which, in its discretion, are deemed advisable or necessary, and fix the term for the grant.

Added by Acts 1950, Ex. Sess., No. 9, §1.

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