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      RS 17:87.5     


§87.5.  Surveys by state; approval by parish school board; agreements with landowners

In all cases where a survey has been, or may hereafter be made and approved in accordance with Act 232 of 1934, or Title 50, Chapter 3, Part I, of the Revised Statutes, or both, and such survey embraces all or a portion of a sixteenth section or fractional sixteenth section school lands, the parish school board of the parish in which such sixteenth section or fractional section, or portion thereof, is situated, shall approve such survey and the location and boundaries of said school lands, and enter into conventional written agreements to that effect with any landowner whose lands adjoin said school lands.  Such approval and conventional agreement shall be binding in all respects upon the parish school board and the state of Louisiana.

Added by Acts 1952, No. 225, §1.

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