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      RS 17:92     


§92.  Financial reports of parish superintendents to the state Department of Education

The parish superintendents of schools shall make such annual financial reports to the state Department of Education by September thirtieth of each year as the state superintendent of education may require.  Whenever a parish superintendent of schools fails to place his annual financial report in the hands of the state superintendent of education by September thirtieth, and without an excuse acceptable to the state superintendent of education, the state Department of Education may appoint an auditor to prepare the financial report.  In such a case the parish superintendent of schools shall make readily available to the auditor all books, reports, and other information needed in the preparation of the financial report.  The auditor's salary and all other necessary expenses shall be paid out of the salary of the parish superintendent failing to make the required report, and the state auditor shall see that the auditor's salary and other necessary expenses are paid as provided in this Section.  

Acts 1993, No. 235, §1, eff. June 1, 1993.  

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