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      RS 17:406.7     


§406.7.  Parent-teacher conferences; required attendance; consequences

A.(1)  A teacher shall schedule at least two parent-teacher conferences during the first semester each school year. At least one parent or guardian of the child shall attend or participate in at least one of the scheduled parent-teacher conferences.

(2)  A teacher may not require a parent or guardian to attend a conference if the conference is deemed to be unnecessary due to the student's academic record.

(3)  If a middle school or high school student has more than one teacher, the parent or guardian may participate in the conference by conference call.

B.  The governing authority of each elementary and secondary school shall adopt rules relative to failure of the parent or guardian to attend at least one scheduled parent-teacher conference.  The rules shall prohibit any negative action against the child as a result of the failure of a parent to attend a parent-teacher conference.

Acts 2012, No. 845, §1.

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