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      RS 22:691.8     


§691.8.  Examination

A.  Power of commissioner.  Subject to the limitation contained in this Section and in addition to the powers which the commissioner has under this Code relating to the examination of insurers, the commissioner shall have the power to examine any insurer registered under R.S. 22:691.6 and its affiliates to ascertain the financial condition of the insurer, including the enterprise risk to the insurer by the ultimate controlling party, or by any entity or combination of entities within the insurance holding company system, or by the insurance holding company system on a consolidated basis.

B.  Access to books and records.

(1)  The commissioner may order any insurer registered under R.S. 22:691.6 to produce such records, books, or other information papers in the possession of the insurer or its affiliates as are reasonably necessary to determine compliance with this Subpart.

(2)  To determine compliance with this Subpart, the commissioner may order any insurer registered under R.S. 22:691.6 to produce information not in the possession of the insurer if the insurer can obtain access to such information pursuant to contractual relationships, statutory obligations, or other method.  In the event the insurer cannot obtain the information requested by the commissioner, the insurer shall provide the commissioner a detailed explanation of the reason that the insurer cannot obtain the information and the identity of the holder of information.  If at the discretion of the commissioner, it appears that the detailed explanation is without merit, the commissioner may require, after notice and hearing, the insurer to pay a penalty of one hundred dollars for each day's delay, or may suspend or revoke the insurer's authority.

C.  Use of consultants.  The commissioner may retain at the registered insurer's expense such attorneys, actuaries, accountants, and other experts not otherwise a part of the commissioner's staff as shall be reasonably necessary to assist in the conduct of the examination under Subsection A of this Section.  Any persons so retained shall be under the direction and control of the commissioner and shall act in a purely advisory capacity.

D.  Expenses.  Each registered insurer producing for examination records, books, and papers pursuant to Subsection A of this Section shall be liable for and shall pay the expense of examination in accordance with R.S. 22:1985 through 1988.

E.  Compelling production.  In the event the insurer fails to comply with an order, the commissioner shall have the power to examine the affiliates to obtain the information.  The commissioner shall also have the power to issue subpoenas, to administer oaths, and to examine under oath any person for purposes of determining compliance with this Section.  Upon the failure or refusal of any person to obey a subpoena, the commissioner may petition a court of competent jurisdiction, and upon proper showing, the court may issue an order compelling the witness to appear and testify or produce documentary evidence.  Failure to obey the court order shall be punishable as contempt of court.  Every person shall be obliged to attend as a witness at the place specified in the subpoena, when subpoenaed, anywhere within the state. Such persons shall be entitled to the same fees and mileage, if claimed, as a witness in R.S. 13:3661, which fees, mileage, and actual expense, if any, necessarily incurred in securing the attendance of witnesses, and their testimony, shall be itemized and charged against, and be paid by, the company being examined.

Acts 2012, No. 294, §1.

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