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      RS 17:1519.18     


§1519.18.  University Medical Center in Lafayette; coordinated school health and wellness centers pilot program

A.  The legislature hereby finds and declares that good health is essential to a child's success in school and in life, and that delivery of basic health care and family support services in a school-based setting is a highly practical and fiscally prudent means of achieving positive outcomes in the overall well-being of children, their families, and communities of this state.

B.  The University Medical Center in Lafayette is hereby authorized to enter into a cooperative endeavor with the Lafayette Parish School System to develop a pilot program for coordinated school health and  wellness centers.

C.  The goals of the pilot program shall include, without limitation, the following:

(1)  To provide primary care services to students and their family members such that avoidable emergency department utilization is reduced and reliance on costly treatments for preventable conditions diminishes in the community.

(2)  To provide incentives which facilitate greater involvement on the part of parents and other family members in the education of children.

(3)  To further provide for increased access to preventive care and treatment delivered in schools and other community-based settings.

(4)  To optimize Medicaid federal financial participation through provision of primary care.

(5)  To adapt successfully to systemic health policy changes during and pursuant to implementation of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (P.L. 111-148) in a manner which maximizes health benefits to children and families.

(6)  To design its system of services in such a manner as to facilitate replication of the program by partnerships among other hospitals and schools of this state.

D.  No later than six months after commencement of services of the pilot program, and annually thereafter, the University Medical Center in Lafayette, in collaboration with the Lafayette Parish School System and other community partners of the program, shall develop a written report comprising an evaluation of major program aspects and shall submit such report to the House Committee on Education, the Senate Committee on Education, the House Committee on Health and Welfare, and the Senate Committee on Health and Welfare.

E.  The pilot program provided for in this Section shall be subject to the availability of funds for such purpose.  The source of monies for the pilot program may be any appropriation by the legislature, including federal funds, any public or private donations, gifts, or grants from individuals, corporations, nonprofit organizations, or other business entities, and any other monies which may be provided by law.

F.  The pilot program provided for in this Section shall not offer any services, counseling, or referral activities which are prohibited pursuant to the provisions of R.S. 40:31.3(C).

Acts 2012, No. 421, §1.

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