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      RS 56:301.9     


§301.9.  Issuance of commercial licenses via Internet transactions

Notwithstanding the provisions of  R.S. 56:303(D), specifically, and any other provision of law to the contrary, the department may promulgate rules and regulations authorizing application and payment via the Internet for commercial licenses issued under the provisions of this Part.  Such licenses applied and paid for via an Internet transaction may be issued to the person who held that same license in the immediately preceding license year.  The rules shall designate the commercial licenses available for application and purchase via the Internet and may impose a fee not to exceed two dollars per license for use of such application and payment system. The fee shall be used by the department for costs necessary to develop and operate the application and payment system and shall be in addition to any license or transaction fee imposed by a contractor that has been hired by the department to operate the system.  The rules shall also specify the payment methods to be used by the system.

Acts 2012, No. 61, §1.

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