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      RS 17:1608     


§1608.  Scholarship awarded by members of public postsecondary education management boards; report

A.  The chief executive officer of each public postsecondary education management board shall annually report to the legislature every scholarship awarded by a member of the management board for the preceding academic year.

B.  The report shall be submitted electronically to the president of the Senate and the speaker of the House of Representatives no later than August first of each year.  The report shall be a public record. The management board shall contemporaneously make the report available on its website for public inspection.

C.  The report shall provide the name of each scholarship recipient, the name of the board member making the award, whether such scholarship consists of a waiver of tuition or a cash award, or both, and the annual dollar value of the scholarship.  If the scholarship includes a cash award, the source of such funds shall be identified.

D.  The information included in the report shall be considered directory information as defined by the federal Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, without further limitation by the public postsecondary institution.  No other personally identifiable information in the student educational records of a scholarship recipient shall be included in the report, unless authorized by such federal act.

E.  The failure to submit the report required by this Section shall suspend the power of all members of the management board to further award any such scholarships until the report has been submitted as required.

F.  The provisions of this Section shall be known and may be cited as the Board Scholarship Reporting Act.

Acts 2013, No. 340, §1, eff. June 17, 2013.

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