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      RS 37:25     


§25.  Continuing education

A.  The disciplining authorities over the professions listed in R.S. 37:24(A), at each board's discretion, may approve the hours spent completing training in suicide assessment, intervention, treatment, and management under this Chapter as hours that may count toward meeting any applicable continuing education or continuing competency requirements for each profession.

B.  Obtaining any training listed or linked via department website links under this Chapter shall not be construed to establish a legal basis for negligence or the standard of care or duty of care owed by a health care professional to a patient in any civil action for medical malpractice.

C.  The department shall be immune from civil liability for the development and posting of the list of available programs providing training in suicide assessment, intervention, treatment, and management.

Acts 2014, No. 582, §1.

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