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      RS 37:1360.83     


§1360.83.  Direct fee

A.  A direct practice shall charge a direct fee on a periodic basis.  The amount of the fee and the periodic basis upon which such fee shall be paid shall be included in the provisions of the direct agreement. The fee shall represent the total amount due for all primary care services specified in the direct agreement and may be paid by the direct patient or on his behalf by others.

B.  A direct practice shall maintain appropriate accounts and provide a history of payments and services received upon a request of a direct patient.

C.  If a direct patient chooses to pay more than one periodic direct fee in advance, the funds shall be held in a trust account and paid to the direct practice as earned at the beginning of each period. Any unearned direct fees held in trust following receipt of termination of the direct agreement shall be promptly refunded to the direct patient.

D.  A direct fee schedule applying to an existing direct patient may not be increased over the annual negotiated amount more frequently than annually. A direct practice shall provide advance notice to existing patients of any change within the fee schedule applying to those existing direct patients. A direct practice shall provide notice of any change in the fee not less than sixty days from the date of the change.

Acts 2014, No. 867, §1.

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