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      RS 37:1360.89     


§1360.89.  Direct agreement requirements; disclaimer

A.(1)  A direct agreement shall include the following disclaimer:

"This agreement does not provide comprehensive health insurance coverage. It provides only the health care services specifically described."

(2)  A direct agreement may not be sold to a group and may not be entered with a group of subscribers. A direct agreement shall be an agreement between a direct practice and an individual direct patient or a family of direct patients.

(3)  Nothing shall prohibit the presentation of marketing materials to groups of potential subscribers or their representatives.

B.  A comprehensive disclosure statement shall be distributed to all direct patients with their participation forms. The disclosure shall inform a direct patient of his financial rights and responsibilities to the direct practice as provided for in this Part, encourage a direct patient to obtain and maintain insurance for services not provided by the direct practice, and state that the direct practice will not bill a health insurance issuer for services covered under the direct agreement. The disclosure statement shall include contact information for the board.

Acts 2014, No. 867, §1.

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