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      RS 12:1-823     


§1-823.  Waiver of notice

A.  A director may waive any notice required by this Subpart, the articles of incorporation, or bylaws before or after the date and time stated in the notice.  Except as provided by Subsection B of this Section, the waiver must be in writing, signed by the director entitled to the notice, and filed with the minutes or corporate records.

B.  A director's attendance at or participation in a meeting waives any required notice to the director of the meeting unless one of the following occurs:

(1)  The director at the beginning of the meeting, or promptly upon arrival, objects to holding the meeting or transacting business at the meeting.

(2)  The objection is to the consideration of an item of business outside the scope of the purposes stated in the notice of the meeting and the director objects to the consideration of that item promptly after the item is first raised for consideration at the meeting.

C.  A director who objects in accordance with Subsection B of this Section, but who then participates in the meeting or votes in favor of one or more actions at the meeting, does not waive the objection except with respect to those actions at the meeting that the director votes to approve.

Acts 2014, No. 328, §1, eff. Jan. 1, 2015.

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