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      RS 12:1-950     



§1-950.  Entity conversion authorized; definitions

A.  A domestic business corporation may become a domestic unincorporated entity pursuant to a plan of entity conversion.

B.  A domestic business corporation may become a foreign unincorporated entity if the entity conversion is permitted by the laws of the foreign jurisdiction.

C.  A domestic unincorporated entity may become a domestic business corporation or another form of domestic unincorporated entity.  If the organic law of a domestic unincorporated entity does not provide procedures for the approval of an entity conversion, the conversion shall be adopted and approved, and the entity conversion effectuated, in the same manner as a merger of the unincorporated entity.

D.  A foreign unincorporated entity may become a domestic business corporation if the organic law of the foreign unincorporated entity authorizes it to become a corporation in another jurisdiction.

E.  If any debt security, note, or similar evidence of indebtedness for money borrowed, whether secured or unsecured, or a contract of any kind, issued, incurred, or signed by a domestic business corporation before January 1, 2015, applies to a merger of the corporation and the document does not refer to an entity conversion of the corporation, the provision shall be deemed to apply to an entity conversion of the corporation until such time as the provision is amended subsequent to that date.

F.  As used in this Subpart:

(1)  "Converting entity" means the domestic business corporation or domestic unincorporated entity that adopts a plan of entity conversion or the foreign unincorporated entity converting to a domestic business corporation.

(2)  "Surviving entity" means the corporation or unincorporated entity that is in existence immediately after consummation of an entity conversion pursuant to this Subpart.

Acts 2014, No. 328, §1, eff. Jan. 1, 2015.

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