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      RS 37:111     


§111.  Selection of certified public accountants to serve on review panel

A.  The claimant shall notify the attorney chairman, if already selected, and the named defendants of his choice of a certified public accountant member of the public accountant review panel within thirty days after the date of certification of his filing by the society.  The named defendant shall then have fifteen days after notification by the plaintiff of the plaintiff's choice of his certified public accountant panelist to name the defendant's certified public accountant panelist.

B.  If either the plaintiff or defendant fails to make a selection of a certified public accountant panelist within the time provided, the attorney chairman shall notify by certified mail the failing party to make such selection within five days of the receipt of the notice.

C.  If no selection is made within the five-day period, then the chairman shall make the selection on behalf of the failing party.  The two certified public accountant review panel members selected by the parties or on their behalf shall be notified by the chairman to select the third certified public accountant panel member within fifteen days after their receipt of such notice.

D.  If the two certified public accountant panel members fail to make such selection within the fifteen-day period allowed, the chairman shall then make the selection of the third panel member and thereby complete the panel.

Acts 1997, No. 747, §1; Acts 2006, No. 214, §1.

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