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      RS 37:1110     


§1110. Denial, revocation, or suspension of licenses

            A. The board shall withhold, deny, revoke, or suspend any license issued or applied for in accordance with the provisions of this Chapter or otherwise discipline a licensee upon proof that the applicant or licensee:

            (1) Has been convicted in a court of competent jurisdiction of a felony, the conviction being final, or upon a plea of guilty or nolo contendere to a felony, the record of conviction or plea being conclusive evidence thereof.

            (2) Has been convicted in a court of competent jurisdiction of any crime or offense which reflects the inability of the practitioner to practice with due regard for the health and safety of clients or patients.

            (3) Has violated the code of ethics adopted by the board.

            (4) Is abusing drugs or alcohol to an extent or in a manner dangerous to any other person or the public, or to an extent that the use impairs his ability to perform the work of a licensee.

            (5) Has impersonated another person holding a professional license issued pursuant to this Chapter or allowed another person to use his license.

            (6) Has used fraud or deception in applying for a license or in taking an examination provided for in this Chapter.

            (7) Has allowed his name or license issued under this Chapter to be used in connection with any person or persons who practice outside of the area of their training, experience, or competence.

            (8) Is legally adjudicated mentally incompetent, the record of such adjudication being conclusive evidence thereof.

            (9) Has willfully or negligently violated any of the provisions of this Chapter.

            B. Notice of denial, revocation, suspension, or disciplinary action shall be sent to the applicant or licensee by registered mail or personal service setting forth the particular reasons for the proposed action and fixing a date at which time the applicant or licensee shall be given an opportunity for a prompt and fair hearing. The written notice shall be sent to the person's last known address, but the nonappearance of the person shall not prevent such a hearing. For the purpose of such hearing, the board may subpoena persons, books, and papers, on its own behalf or on behalf of the applicant or licensee who may appear by counsel or personally in his own behalf.

            C. On the basis of any hearing or upon default of the applicant or licensee, the board shall make a determination specifying its findings of fact and conclusions of law. A copy of such determination shall be sent by registered mail or served personally upon the applicant or licensee. The decision of the board denying, revoking, or suspending the license, shall become final thirty days after receipt of the copy of the determination unless within the period the applicant or licensee appeals the decision as provided by the Louisiana Administrative Procedure Act, R.S. 49:950 et seq. No such appeal while pending appropriate court action shall supersede such denial, revocation, or suspension. All proceedings and evidence presented at hearings before the board may be admissible during appellate proceedings.

            D. Every order and judgment of the board shall take effect immediately on its promulgation unless the board in such order or judgment fixes a probationary period for the applicant or licensee. Such order and judgment shall continue in effect until expiration of any specified time period or termination by a court of competent jurisdiction. The board shall notify all applicants or licensees of any action taken against a licensee and may make public its orders and judgments in such manner and form as it deems proper if such orders and judgments are not consent orders or compromise judgments.

            E. The board is authorized to suspend the license of a licensee for a period not exceeding two years. At the end of this period, the board shall re-evaluate the suspension and may recommend to the chairman the reinstatement or revocation of the license. A person whose license has been revoked under the provisions of this Section may apply for reinstatement after a period of not less than two years from the date such denial, or revocation is legally effective. The board may, upon favorable action by a majority of the board members present and voting, recommend such reinstatement.

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