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      RS 37:1111     


§1111. Violations; penalties

            A. No person shall assume or use the title or designation "licensed professional counselor" or "provisional licensed professional counselor" or engage in the practice of mental health counseling unless he has in his possession a valid license issued by the board under the authority of this Chapter. Whoever violates the provisions of this Subsection shall be guilty of a misdemeanor and shall upon conviction be fined not more than five hundred dollars.

            B. The board shall have the authority to administer oaths, to summon witnesses, and to take testimony in all matters relating to its duties. The attorney general of the state shall be the attorney of the board, but the board may employ other counsel. It shall be the duty of the district attorney of the judicial district wherein any offense is committed to prosecute violations of this Chapter. The board shall be the sole agency in this state empowered to issue licenses to professional mental health counselors.

            Acts 1987, No. 892, §1, eff. July 20, 1987; Acts 2014, No. 484, §1, eff. May 1, 2015.

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