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      RS 37:116     


§116.  Evidence submitted to review panel

A.  The evidence to be considered by the public accountant review panel shall be promptly submitted by the respective parties in written form only.

B.  The evidence may consist of accounting work papers and any relevant firm or other records, excerpts of treatises, depositions of witnesses and parties, affidavits, and reports of accounting experts, and any other form of evidence allowed by the public accountant review panel.

C.  Depositions of the parties and witnesses may be taken prior to convening of the panel.

D.  Upon request of any party or of any two panel members, the clerk of any district court shall issue subpoenas and subpoenas duces tecum in aid of the taking of depositions and the production of documentary evidence for inspection and copying.

E.  The chairman of the panel shall advise the panel relative to any legal question involved in the review proceeding and shall prepare the opinion of the panel as provided in R.S. 37:119.

F.  A copy of the evidence shall be sent to each member of the panel.

Acts 1997, No. 747, §1.

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