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      RS 37:1176     


§1176. Removal

            A. A board member may be removed upon one or more of the following grounds:

            (1) The refusal or inability for any reason to perform his duties as a member of the board in an efficient, responsible, and professional manner.

            (2) The misuse of office to obtain personal, pecuniary, or material gain or advantage for himself or another through such office.

            (3) The violation of the laws governing the practice of pharmacy or the distribution of drugs or devices.

            B. Removal of a member of the board shall be in accordance with the Administrative Procedure Act or other applicable laws.

            C. The governor may remove any member of the board for good cause.

            Amended by Acts 1974, No. 691, §1; Acts 1999, No. 767, §1; Acts 2022, No. 271, §2.

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